where is paper umbrella from

where is paper umbrella from

where is paper umbrella from

Origin of paper umbrella

Not only as our traditional rain tools, but also excellent handicraft culture.

where is paper umbrella from

Invention of paper umbrella

At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period

 the Warring States Period, because Lu Ban’s wife needed to  shelter from the rain.

However,Lu Ban inventing a tool to shelter from the rain

  • mading from bamboo in the forest,
  • compiled into the first umbrella frame
  • then covered with animal fur

because looking like an open lotus leaf, and this is what Lu Ban using as a tool to shelter from the rain.

So is the first umbrella.

  • In ancient times,

because there was no weather forecast, so if the weather was stormy.  the body would get wet, and if the body got wet without the help of timely medicine, So it get sick. Therefore the emergence of umbrellas has great significance at that time.

  • As the times changed,

since paper coming into being in the Eastern Han Dynasty, founding 

so it becaming a rainproof oil-paper umbrella, and at this time the oil-paper umbrella was relatively complete.

In ancient times, because many literati who were always able to create poems ,and paintings on the umbrellas.

  • So their ancestors also mading the first designs for the umbrellas,
  • so they were already available in different price ranges in those days.

In modern times,Not only the umbrella industry has become more and more colorful ,But also become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

with umbrellas in every household.

Because industrialization gradually improving the manufacturing technology ,so it is more portable.

but the beauty of the oil paper umbrella is not comparable to modern industrial umbrella.

where is paper umbrella from

Paper umbrellas are not replaced by umbrellas because of their own characteristics

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