do paper parasols block the sun

do paper parasols block the sun

Maybe you are wondering, can paper umbrella block the sun?

 It can completely block the sun.

Paper umbrella is a kind of rain gear, and origination in China . At the beginning, Paper technology is not advancetion enough, and the umbrellas making of cotton and hemp paper.So it very thick and had poor light transmission. With the progress of technology, now all our paper umbrellas are making of cotton paper of more than 60g, Not only that which features: high toughness, rich plant fiber and general light transmittance. exclude block the sun, but also avoid harmful ultraviolet rays to human perfectly protect your skin.

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  • Paper Umbrella to Block UV Rays?

    Hengyun paper umbrella making experiments. Comparing normal UV umbrella with our rainproof paper umbrella, under the same environment and light, the conclusion : Our paper umbrella protects against UV rays

    Why is that? Because our rainproof paper umbrella surface has tung oil. tung oil is a natural vegetable oil, not only can form a layer of protective film on the umbrella surface. but also reflect more than 95% of the UV. So that sunlight. to protect your skin effect. you want to anti-UV parasol here,? let our parasol accompany you every day!


  • Other paper umbrella can block the sun and UV?

    The answer: no doubt, is not necessarily; As a manufacturer with 30 years of production experience.We have a unique technology to boil tung oil .Want to know this password? (Click on us), Not only that our tung oil can be better than other manufacturers.

    do paper parasols block the sun

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