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The intangible cultural heritage of Hunan Province

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Classic oil paper umbrellas

Pioneer of the earliest standardized bamboo oiled paper umbrella


The company was founded in 1915 in the Hankou region of Shandong province by fan Wei-you and his employees. By the end of the Qing dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, the company had become one of the top 10 brands in Hankou, the 1928(1928) won the first prize at the First National Product Exhibition in Hubei Province. “Hengyun” is a brand that has been in my family for more than 100 years. I Am Fan Rong(David), the fifth generation inheritor of the long-standing Hengyun oil-paper umbrella in Hengyang Province, a non-material and cultural heritage of Hunan province. More than 100 years of heritage, let us in the traditional paper umbrella industry accumulated valuable experience, so that we in the bamboo oil paper umbrella industry has competitiveness, we put our experience and skills into the production of paper umbrellas with modern technology, to ensure that each paper umbrella is fine, rich in process value. The intangible cultural heritage of Hunan Province is the best proof of our technology and history The times are changing, and the historical mission of Hengyun has never changed; we have accelerated the development of technical skills and the development of design service teams based on the traditional paper umbrellas, and currently cover paper umbrellas, nylon umbrellas, Japanese umbrellas, transparent umbrella, PVC umbrella, bamboo parasol, with practical invention patents: 15, design patents: 5. Not only that, we actively explore and expand the marketing channels of our products, and have successfully entered the well-known e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba through the Internet. Our annual turnover is over 5 million, and our products are exported both at home and abroad, to obtain the unanimous praise of customers.


Only make a good umbrella for life

1915 (First inheritor of Hengyun paper umbrella: Fan Wei-you)

The constant rhyme oil-paper umbrella won the first prize at the First National Products Exhibition in Hubei Province.

1933 (Two inheritor of Hengyun paper umbrella: Fan chang ping)

The constant rhyme paper umbrella was included in the Republic of China Industry General Annals published in 1933

1968 (Three inheritor of Hengyun paper umbrella: Fan yi)

Heng Yun paper umbrella factory moved to the Hengyang area of Hunan Province, becoming the first paper umbrella shop in Hengyang

1995 (Four inheritor of Hengyun paper umbrella: Fan yi rong)

In 2015, Belgian King Philip of Swabia and Queen Mathilde received an oil-paper umbrella from Hengyun at Wuhan Wanda Hanxiu Theatre during a visit to China

In 2015, King Philip of Swabia and Queen Mathilde of Belgium visited China and received an oil-paper umbrella from so Heng-yun paper umbrella factory at Wuhan Wanda Hanxiu Theatre

              OUR MISSION

Our goal is to create a modern standard paper umbrella production process, provide a comprehensive paper umbrella design, research and development, after-sales service, in order to achieve our mission, we use a strict quality control system and visual production processes to ensure that every umbrella we produce is a quality product

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