is paper parasol rare

is paper parasol rare

Is paper parasol rare

Excellent traditional handicrafts

paper parasol, as an excellent traditional handicraft in China,

but the above forms of expression. Is the crystallization of human labor and wisdom and very valuable concentrated in Chinese.however, traditional handicraft,and paper parasol handicraft is a very good culture, although thousands of years in China has been handed down.but has a profounding shadow on production and life Ring.

is paper parasol rare

Chinese Culture

The paper parasol is a durable traditional rain gear. Not only evolved in the long history, but also created unique Chinese culture.However, people everywhere love this kind of umbrella. And the umbrella bones are made of bamboo.

  •  a symbol of peace and prosperity,

  •  a blessing of good luck.

The circle shape of the umbrella symbolizes reunion and happiness in life.

For one thing, Paper umbrella culture is deeply reflected in our life.On the other hanits connotation is rich and colorful.

Paper umbrellas are using as decorations. in today’s environment.and umbrellas.not noly richly illustrated in a variety of colorful lights,but also revealing the diverse history of China. So the paper umbrella has a decorative role.

is paper parasol rare

Cultural Connotation

Paper umbrellas have a long cultural background

  •  Is a precious cultural heritage .
    It can be worn with many classical accessories and clothing. Most scenes in costume dramas can’t be separating from paper umbrellas.

In the past, paper umbrella was first using as the rain gear in Jiangnan.but later the umbrella making industry developed slowly.not only became a kind of traditional handicraft industry,but also widely studied till now. Even though there are many parasols combining different shapes, the traditional handicraft industry still its own changes, ideas and development characteristics.

is paper parasol rare

Poetry Culture

  • At traditional Chinese weddings.

the matchmaker covers the bride,with a red parasol for good luck as she marries off. Influence Chinese culture, However,paper umbrellas are also using at weddings in Japan and Ryukyu.
Not ony old people use purple parasols to symbolize longevity, but also white parasols using for funerals after death.
  • In religious ceremonies

paper parasols often as sanctuaries on Mitsukoshi (movable shrines),
  • a symbol of perfection
  • protection from the sun and rain and evil spirits.
Nowadays, most umbrellas using in daily life are western umbrellas

is paper parasol rare

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