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Heng Yun Crafts is a large manufacturer of handmade parasols and an import/export enterprise of industry and trade.

Our story
hengyun paper parasols

HengYun paper parasol

Hengyun Crafts & Art Co.,Ltd is a large handmade paper umbrella enterprise, specializing in making all types of umbrellas: paper umbrellas, parasols, wedding umbrellas, decorative umbrellas, pvc umbrellas, etc.

hengyun paper umbrella

Purely handmade

Our products are purely handmade, without any modern production process, keeping the traditional ancient method of paper umbrellas, so that the paper umbrellas glow with the classical beauty of the East.

hengyun parasol

Expo Moments

The foreign delegation visited our exhibition area and left their footprints on our paper umbrellas, which made us feel proud at the same time.

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