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Hunan Hengyun Art & Crafts Co., Ltd. mainly produces oil paper umbrella / paper umbrella / craft umbrella / Dance Umbrella / decorative umbrella / flower umbrella, etc.The factory covers an area of more than 8000 square meters, warehouse area of 5500 square meters, as the largest paper umbrella factory in Hunan province won the leading enterprise of paper umbrella in Hunan province, the government strongly support.

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Do you need paper umbrella design & layout service, or Umbrella manufacture, or parasol assembly services? Umbrella is one of your best choices. As one of the best paper umbrella manufacturers in China, paper umbrella has passed different kinds of certifications such as ISO9001. There’re over 1000 clients who are from more than 60 countries.

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Only 10 days, I received an order for 1,000 umbrellas from production, and I couldn’t believe how fast it was, for the first time ever, the quality and design of the umbrellas was so great that they were very popular in California.

Tic,LLC purchase manager / Tic,LLC purchase manager form USA

The paper umbrellas purchased from Yiwu suppliers are expensive, of poor quality and high breakage rate, resulting in poor customer evaluation. Since 19 years of cooperation with you, business has been getting better and better, and customers are very satisfied

Bbumbrella,R&D,department manager form UK

It’s very reassuring to work with you. We just need to tell you what the end-user thinks. Your design team is very professional, more time we are in the service of customers, rather than in the communication design, slowly more and more customers, business is good

Ywerait,INC purchase manager form USA

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wedding paper umbrella customize

wedding paper umbrella customize

Marriage is the most important thing in life, custom-made a paper umbrella belongs to you

Large Event Planning Company

Large Event Planning Company

The charm of paper umbrellas can bring a refreshing atmosphere to different shopping malls

Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Clothing stores, craft stores, gift shops, photography shops have paper umbrellas

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    Can you customize the logo or size?

    Customized service is our characteristic, we not only have a complete customized service process, but also have more than 30 years of rich experience in the professional customized R & D team, the whole process to provide free technical support to make your customized service more secure.

    As a factory, our MOQ is 100. Because of the advantages of low packaging cost, high box firmness and low damage rate of logistics and transportation, the more the order quantity, the more the discount.

    Samples are free of charge, and the buyer needs to bear the transportation cost. Samples are one of the important means to test our factory’s products. Facing the reality of vast customer groups and high international logistics costs, we hope you can understand.

    We have a complete quality inspection system and professional quality inspection personnel to ensure the quality of each umbrella.

    We have a complete order production system, the factory 24 hours uninterrupted production, because the pure handmade products process is complex, each process is essential, sample time: 3-5 days, sample production completed we will immediately inform you.