Are oil paper umbrellas waterproof

are oil paper umbrellas waterproof

Are oil paper umbrellas waterproof

Oil paper umbrella waterproof

the primary attribute of oil paper umbrella is waterproof utility.

Although it is mading

  • bamboo

  • paper

Not only tung oil provides excellent rain protection,but also is durable. In heavy rain,

the nylon umbrellas:

  • get wet 

  • even leak

whereas the tung oiled umbrellas have no such problem.


Rainproof carrier-Tung oil

Not only Tung oil is an oil extracted from the fruit of the tung tree, but also is a strong natural flavor.

The natural tung oil

  • widely used in shipbuilding and manufacturing industries
  • is a very high quality waterproof coating.

Due to the different recipes for boiling tung oil, So the luster and thickness of the texture of the umbrellas.

By brushing the oil with tung oil, so that oil and paper are fully absorbed.

and when the oil dries, Due to transparent rainproof coating is formed on the surface of the paper, thus achieving an excellent waterproof effect.


Characteristics of tung oil

Tung oil

  • an all-natural

  • high-quality

  • waterproof coating

But tung oil also has its inherent characteristics

  • natural smell

brush tung oil paper umbrella to be oil dry:

Due to the umbrella surface will have a strong tung oil smel, So this smell is non-toxic and harmless to human body. Not only will slowly fade over time (open in the shade 3-5 hours taste will completely dissipated)

  • tung oil oxidation umbrella surface yellowing,

because tung oil is a natural strong oil, so that we manually add catalyst to accelerate the drying of tung oil.

but the short drying time, resulting in tung oil easily oxidized by the air. So the umbrella will slowly turn yellow after a period of time. Regrettably affecting the beauty of the umbrella,and the clarity of the pattern ,but does not affect the quality and life of the umbrella.


Maintenance Guide

Many people said:

they bought the umbrella, but because they don’t know maintenance of paper umbrellas,due to  the umbrella ended its life after a few uses.

So, I want to tell you that a properly maintained

Today I’m going to put together a list of maintenance tips

To help you take care of your umbrella!

After the umbrella:

closing contact with the rain, and you don’t need to open it up to dry it.

just close it up naturally, and lean it to the side to dry.

After a few uses:

perhaps you will find umbrella surface becomes brighter, and the color becomes more translucent. because the rainwater reacts with the tung oil, forming a layer of pulp.

maintenance is the need to take it out and use it often

When the more you use it, the better for the formation of the pulp.

If you buy an umbrella,and put it away or hang it up as a decoration.

…… will gradually lose its elasticity













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