what are paper umbrella

what paper umbrella

what are paper umbrella


At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period

Because Lu Ban’s wife need to protect herself from the rain

So Lu Ban inventing a tool to protect herself from the rain,

which was made of

  • bamboo in the forest 
  • compiled into an umbrella frame
  • covering with animal fur

Due to looking like an open lotus leaf.

Because the carpenter often working outside, and there was no weather forecast.

Not only not know the weather, and the body will be wet. but also the body is wet without medicine will be sick.

So the emergence of umbrellas had great significance.

As the times changing:

paper appearing in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and found tung oil on paper was good for avoiding rain.

so the umbrella becaming a rainproof paper umbrella, and at this time the rainproof paper umbrella was relatively complete.

What are paper umbrella


Paper umbrellas are calling: oil paper umbrellas

Divided into:

China is the first country to invent the paper umbrella

and as a traditional rain gear in China, it has

  • production 
  • traditional folk handicraft

it has the charm of culture and art that fascinates people.

The umbrella frame is making deep mountain bamboo, and the umbrella surface is made of

To make it strong and durable!!

Not only paper umbrella has a long history, but also is one of the oldest umbrellas in Chinese, made by pure hand.

What are paper umbrella

manufacturing process

Process of making an umbrella is very complex

divided into three steps: 

  • To cut the umbrella frame

  • To frame the umbrella

  • To paint the flowers

At least 70 steps to making paper umbrella…….

Process includes:

  • bamboo numbering
  • cutting the umbrella frame
  • laminating the umbrella,
  • applying tung oil,
  • threading, etc.
  1. Bamboo selectionwhat are paper umbrella
  2. Splitting umbrella bonewhat are paper umbrella
  3. Assembling umbrella standWhat are paper umbrella
  4. Umbrella bone windingWhat are paper umbrella
  5. Paste paper surfaceWhat are paper umbrella
  6. Umbrella edge shapingWhat are paper umbrella
  7. Umbrella paintingWhat are paper umbrella
  8. Painting oil on paper surfaceWhat are paper umbrella
  9. Gathering and shapingWhat are paper umbrella


  • Rain protection

  • Shade

As a traditional Chinese rain,  and paper umbrella has good rainproof performance, and is durable after being painted with natural tung oil.

what are paper umbrella

  • Wedding Props

In China, paper umbrellas and weddings are integrating

generally, using red paper umbrellas as wedding props,

  • in traditional Chinese weddings, when the bride is getting off the sedan chair, needs to hold up a red  paper umbrella.
  • in addition to shade, also means many children, and many children,  It is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

what are paper umbrella

Auspicious meaning:”Oil paper”

harmonizes with “having children”, So traditional Chinese idea of having more children and happiness.

traditional Chinese character for umbrella is “伞”, because is made up of five “伞” characters.

So meaning “many sons, many fortunes”, “many sons”, “many sons” and “five sons”.

Due to bone of the umbrella is made of bamboo, SO is a symbol of

  • peace

  • prosperity.

Due to umbrella is made of bamboo. and surface of the umbrella is round, means

  • perfection

  • reunion

what are paper umbrella

  • Exorcise evil spirits to avoid disasters

paper umbrella surface painting with tung oil

  • can enhance the waterproof of the paper umbrella,
  • in our traditional culture, tung oil is to repel evil and avoid obscenity
  • as the Taoist classic: wild spirits, wandering spirits, etc.

because they smell the tung oil immediately far away. Therefore, the painting of tung oil on the umbrella surface,  meaning of warding off evil spirits.

what are paper umbrella

Cultural Gifts

Students would carry paper umbrellas to their exams in Beijing, and to wish them well.

because unique shape of the round umbrella,

  • symbolizes the reunion
  • represents the happiness
  • satisfaction of life. 

people often give paper umbrellas as gifts to each other, which are practical , and have cultural connotations.

what are paper umbrella


Paper umbrellas have been regarding as the best

  • party,

  • indoor,

  • park,

  • playground

  • scenic decorations

because of the unique round shape , and the rich content of the patterns.

what are paper umbrella

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