The price of HengYun paper umbrellas can be the lowest in the world, thanks to our corporate management model and professional production process.

What's the price of umbrella?

We are manufacturers, prices are ex-factory price, you send us the product style, purchase quantity, receiving address, payment, trade terms, we will immediately arrange the salesman and you get in touch.

Based on the premise of sincere cooperation, we support free samples 1 pcs, but the need for buyers to bear logistics costs, if necessary, welcome to consult, thank you!

Product conventional packaging: OPP bags, support custom: tote bags, gift boxes, and other special packaging, need to provide: design requirements, quantity, actual cost price consulting us.

You do not need to pay extra for product tag, you need to send us your product tag design requirements (except for special product tag

How much is the sample freight?

Sample delivery method:DHL/UPS/EMS/FedEx/ShunFeng,Different regions, different countries freight rates are different, if there is a monthly settlement accounts, please inform us in advance, we support pay-as-you-go, any questions are welcome to consult us at any time

We have a special freight cost accounting, to ensure the safety of product transportation,From the route, transport time, Port of destination, customs facilitation, cost, taxes and fees and other aspects of comprehensive planning, select the best cost-effective program to reduce transport costs.welcome to consult us at any time.

We have a special freight cost accounting, to ensure the safety of product transportation, from the product packaging/weight optimization/route planning to reduce the actual air transport costs, welcome to consult us at any time.