20++ years of professional paper umbrella manufacturers, your satisfaction is our pursuit, hope the following  questions can help you, thank you for your support!

Do you support custom or logo?

Customized,We are the only one in China with a full set of paper umbrella production line,  20++ years of professional R& D team, to provide one-stop consulting and design services, your satisfaction is our pursuit.

We are a manufacturing, there is no MOQ, but based on the packaging and transportation cost optimization considerations, we will recommend buyers at 100 pcs for the minimum order,Thanks!

We are manufacturers, prices are ex-factory price, you send us the product style, purchase quantity, receiving address, payment, trade terms, we will immediately arrange the salesman and you get in touch

We adhere to: natural environmental protection, pure handmade concept, in the guarantee of product quality, optimize staffing, expand production capacity,20000pcs/month.

Based on the premise of sincere cooperation, we support free samples 1 pcs, but the need for buyers to bear logistics costs, if necessary, welcome to consult, thank you!

Factory use 24-hour uninterrupted production mode, in the guarantee of quality under the premise of priority sample production, generally 3 days, production will be completed we will contact you the first time

If the buyer does not specify the case, we consider: cost, service, customs facilitation and other comprehensive factors, reasonable arrangements for the port of shipment,we are usually Yiwu,thanks!

We have passed the ios-9001 test, with a complete quality inspection system, professional quality personnel, the whole process of production visualization, to ensure your product quality.

We are pure hand-made natural environmental protection bamboo products, there is no chemical or harmful human ingredients, please rest assured that the purchase, thank you!

Paper umbrellas are bamboo products, the recommended storage conditions: dry, ventilated, airtight.

We have professional export-compatible packaging, the breakage rate is less than 1% , but due to special reasons caused by transport breakage, buyers can save video or photos, we check after I arrange free replacement.

We have more than 20 years of experience as a manufacturer,have a complete production system, monthly sales of more than 20000, has its own production plant, stable supply.Welcome the vast number of wholesalers, dealers advisory cooperation.