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How to choose children's umbrella style?

Our children's umbrellas are developed in many different styles for different gender, age, country and customs;Styles include: painting umbrellas, animal umbrellas, flag umbrellas, sky umbrellas, transparent umbrellas, cartoon umbrellas, animation umbrellas, character umbrellas, etc.


How to choose the size of the children's umbrella?

The size of the children's umbrella is slightly different for different age groups, the main size: 30cm, 40cm; 50cm; 60cm.

the size of the children's umbrella


What are the uses of children's umbrellas?

Uses: dance props, shooting photography, intellectual toys, graffiti painting, clothing accessories, etc.

Children's paper umbrella

What is the range of people for children's umbrellas?

Suitable for: 1 year old - 80 years old.

What to pay attention to in the use of children's umbrellas?

Children's umbrellas are bamboo handicrafts and should be used in the presence of an adult guardian for children under the age of 6.

paper umbrella