Environment-friendly product?

We are pure hand-made natural environmental protection bamboo products, there is no chemical or harmful human ingredients, please rest assured that the purchase.

We have off-the-shelf products can be shipped to all parts of the world on behalf of buyers, you only need to send me the receiving address and the number of orders, our warehouse to help you ship to your customers.

Recommendations: propylene and other water-based dyes

At present on the market umbrella uses are more extensive, umbrella has: bright color, durable, simple maintenance, low prices and other advantages;Paper umbrellas are generally used for: painting, gifts, gifts, advertising and other purposes.

Our Manufacturing and shipping address: 192 jinxiu road, Xicheng district, Hengyang City, Nanyue District Province,China

Our area has been no covid-19, production is normal, please rest assured that procurement

Secrecy agreement?

For any commercial information provided by the buyer, we can sign Secrecy agreement  to protect the buyer’s legitimate rights and interests.

Paper umbrellas brush tung oil can rain, but there will be tung oil smell, air for a period of time to dissipate the smell (smell non-toxic harmless)

Oil paper umbrellas are a large group of umbrella, divided into: paper umbrellas and cloth umbrellas.

Our umbrella are all natural handicrafts, support any third-party testing, if there is a need to talk to us in advance.

Welcome You to come over to guide the work, we communicate with the exchange of learning, then we will arrange a full reception, to introduce the process.