Paper Umbrella Usage

Paper Umbrella Usage

Paper Umbrella Usage

Paper Umbrellas-Multiple Sons and Fortunes

Umbrella has the meaning of fertility derived from the intrinsic structure 

Because the traditional Chinese character for umbrella : five “人”

so meaning  umbrella is composed of five “人”, which is consistent with our traditional folklore.

line with the traditional Chinese folklore:

  • many sons
  • many blessings
  • early birth
  • perfect destiny

Due to the existence of the dialect, so Hakka people believe the word “umbrella” means “son”

In this sense, paper umbrellas  like

  1. pomegranates
  2. frogs
  3. dates
  4. folkloric
  5. fruitful
  • high reproductive capacity
  •  folkloric connotation of fertility worship
  • show great vitality

According to the law of analogy, and identity in primitive thinking, as long as there is partial similarity between two things.

they can assimilat into the same phenomenon as a whole,

  • same magical power
  • people hope

 the strong vitality of the “umbrella” will make the bride have strong fertility.

Paper Umbrella Usage

Paper umbrella means good luck

For the Chinese, Not only marriage is the important event in life,but also the basis for the legitimate existence of the family , and its conclusion directly affects the development of a clan system.

Therefore, although marriage is a good thing, but interfere with by

  • various tangible 
  • intangible social forces 
  • some mysterious 
  • irresistible natural forces

during the process of its conclusion. In order to remove the interference and damage.

Chinese folk develop complicate matters, to avoid evil spirits in all aspects of the marriage process,

so as to avoid misfortune in the marriage,

In the early days of human existence

  • productivity level was extremely low, and
  • difficulty in maintaining their food and clothing

so impossible to have a correct scientific understanding of the magic of nature.

paper umbrella was given a sacred mission, because

  • aesthetic value 
  • protection from the wind and rain

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Paper Umbrella Usage

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