where to get paper umbrella in singapore

where to get paper umbrella in singapore

一. where to get paper umbrella in singapore

Not only are all Singapore paper umbrellas source from China, but our factory exports Hunan paper umbrellas to Singapore every year. So you can click on our website , and buy directly from our website.

二. Are paper umbrellas popular in Singapore

Not only are Chinese paper umbrellas popular, but Singapore shares many cultures with China

Why is that?

I believe many friends do not know the reason, so I will share the knowledge


  • Due to the continuous wars in early China, So many Chinese fled their hometowns, and sought refuge in neighboring countries.However, a large proportion of these Chinese settled in Singapore.
  • Because Singapore is an open country, so that our excellent cultural traditions, and products can enter their country smoothly.
  • Not only China and Singapore establish sound cooperative relations, but also maintain close people-to-people exchanges.
  • Our paper umbrellas are very competitive,not only in the affordable price, but let the customer satisfaction of the service.
  • Because we are both Asian countries, we share a common sense of belonging.

三.Use of paper umbrellas in Singapore

Because paper umbrellas are so versatile, I won’t list them in detail—

But one use stands out above all others: burial

As there are many local Chinese in Singapore, so is greatly influence by Chinese culture.

In Singapore, when someone dies, the family must burn a Hunan paper umbrella for the deceased, as a sign of

  • respect

  • love

四.Characteristics of Singapore paper umbrella

  • because is using for funeral, but the umbrella more than 100 cm.
  • So surface of the umbrella is painted green, which is a sign of respect for the dead.
  • Due to umbrella pole is made of bamboo and rattan bark, which is easy to use.

    where to get paper umbrella in singapore

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