are parasols chinese or japanese

are parasols chinese or japanese

一.are parasols chinese or japanese

China is the birthplace of parasols, however, Japan’s parasols are learn from China

二. Types of parasols

parasol itself is for shading the sun

but many varieties derive from the back.

According to the category is divided into:

  • practical parasol

In layman’s terms, it’s our umbrella

  • craft parasol

  1. paper umbrella
  2. paper parasol
  3. nylon parasol
  4. silk parsasol
  5. wedding parasol 
  6. dancing parasol 
  7. diy parasol 
  8. Decorative parasol

三. Difference between parasols in China and Japan

  1. A variety of product styles, cost-effective
  2. Both practicality and aesthetics
  3. Affordable price, love by the public
  4. The umbrella color is rich, and applicable to a wide range of people
  5. Large production, traditional process

    are parasols chinese or japanese

  1. Single style.
  2. High aesthetics, low practicality
  3. Expensive, low cost performance
  4. The color is mainly dark color ,or plain color
  5. Low production, small market

    are parasols chinese or japanese


Whether it is a Chinese parasol or a Japanese parasol,they are all types of parasols.

Different styles complement each other

not only promote the diversification of the market, but also meet the different purchasing needs of customers.

most important thing:to promote the healthy development of parasols together!

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