The making process of paper umbrella

Handmade oil paper umbrella, as the name implies, is made by pure hand, including making oil paper umbrella materials (tissue paper, bamboo, Tung oil, etc.) and painted in the pattern on the umbrella surface are hand-completed. First of all, the tissue paper for making umbrella surface is specially made by professional workers with the unique structure Bark, yarn bark, wild plant bark, vegetable gum and so on as raw materials along with 21 processes of the ancient handwork workshop. Make the oil paper umbrella thin soft, smooth transparent high, breathable elastic, white strong and tough, moistureproof moth and other characteristics. Second, as umbrella bone of the bamboo is their own plant personnel to grow the natural bamboo. After carefully selecting and cutting bamboo, various artificial processes were carried out on the bamboo, such as soaking bamboo, steaming bamboo, drying bamboo, planing bamboo, carving bamboo, drilling holes, assembling frames, etc. , the shape of a handmade oil paper umbrella is almost complete. Next, the umbrella will be carefully hand-painted by professional artists to stick the framework, trim, shape, and then repeat the brush Tung oil-drying process, and finally wrapped with Chinese cultural characteristics of the blue and white porcelain Baotou. In eighty-six steps, a traditional handmade oil paper umbrella was made.

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