The manufacturing process of Chinese oiled paper umbrella

The value of craftsmanship in oil paper umbrellas

1.Hengyang oil paper umbrella basic content

Hengyun oil paper umbrella for Hengyang specialty, also known as paper umbrella, oil paper umbrella, tung oil umbrella, the main production area for the Nanyue district of Hengyang City. Paper umbrella was originally used as rain gear, with bamboo cutting strips drill holes with hair rope into umbrella bones, with spotted bamboo, hemp bamboo, water bamboo as the umbrella handle, made of pine umbrella head and umbrella support, covered with paper or cotton umbrella surface, also known as “umbrella clothes”, and then coated with the original ecology of cooked tung oil to dry can shade the sun and rain. Later, with the continuous development of umbrella making technology, people input a strong appreciation interest and cultural connotation to Ming oil paper umbrellas, and paint the parasol surface with figures, flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds, beasts and other patterns and patterns, which are colorful. In addition to shading the sun and rain, it is a unique handicraft.

2.Hengyang oiled paper umbrella production process

The first is to choose bamboo, also named bamboo. The bamboo material used in Hengyun oil-paper umbrella is very exquisite, and the umbrella bone should be selected Bamboos, and umbrella handles should be selected for the size of the appropriate straight line symmetry, bamboo long hemp bamboo or spotted bamboo, water bamboo. Bamboo,After choosing back, first to put in water immersion for more than half a month, to juice, so that it is not easy to rise mealworms. bamboo leaching good When it’s dry, we start making the bones: sawing the bamboo, planing it, chopping it, boning it, sawing the grooves, drilling holes, and chopping it up,Put the well – drilled umbrella bones in the pot with boiling water, then dry. At the same time, select the best pine wood, make umbrella head, umbrella holder (calabash), umbrella head, umbrella holder must also be cooked, exposed to insects. Umbrella handle all hemp bamboo, bamboo, water bamboo selection back, according to the size of the saw, to plane green, car knot, fire straight, plane light, cooking dry insect control. An umbrella hold
It must be cut and shaped by hand. The traditional material for threading the umbrella bones is hair rope, which is made by hand.Not the old master, the method is the operator with one hand with square paper folding clamp hair, the other palm a root With the size of the cup of wooden tuo, chopsticks mouth size of bamboo spinning needle, in the thigh to spin the head of silk rope. Boil Tung oil to the mastery of the heat to be just right, fingertips to tung oil pot with cooked oil can lead into silk.
Hengyang oil paper umbrella superior called “persimmon water umbrella”, with pure materials, signboard workshop from Guizhou,Luo Dian hand to small persimmon, in the local hire people beat smashed, into a large VAT of water flooded out of juice shipped back to brush umbrella. “Persimmon
“Water umbrella” is characterized by durability, no water, rain sputter not splash to the body, after the umbrella is thrown dry,It’s easy to carry. The above raw materials are ready, can string gourd (umbrella head, umbrella support), string umbrella bone, umbrella bone forming; However,
After around the umbrella circle, mount umbrella, paste umbrella edge, persimmon water, painting, rewinding plastic, wear line, on tung oil, set
(umbrella handle), bracket (umbrella key), knot top, a total of 70 or 80 processes. Painting is another process,Flowers and birds, landscapes or fine brushwork figures, in addition to manual fine brushwork, printing and dyeing, stickers, etc., the colors are bright red, jujube, lake blue, dark green, peach, orange and many other kinds of exquisite design, with excellent materials. In the history of Hunan specialty, “Xiangtan wooden clogs Hengyang umbrella” reputation.
So far, Hengyang oiled paper umbrella in addition to drilling can use electric drill, most of the other processes, are to make
With the traditional hand production, because of the high technical requirements, the producer can only rely on exquisite skills and long-term system,The umbrella experience to the finished product, the transmission of skills is also traditional, depends on the individual to ponder and study, and needs a long time practice experience to master, apprenticeship three years before the teacher. Hengyang oil paper umbrella because in line with Jiangnan water two townships and bamboo the characteristics, resources and needs of Zizhixiang have a long history and prosperity, and accumulated rich production experience. more due to good materials, fine workmanship, exquisite design, exquisite finished products, in Hunan has a higher status in the international and domestic also alumni fame. It has been popular among the people for hundreds of years. The umbrella industry is thriving and its sales are booming for more than one hundred years history. According to now has more than 70 years old in the former county umbrella elder mechanic Chen Caiying recalled that she was in the husband’s family and her ancestral family,the five dynasties can be calculated to make umbrella, at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, her umbrella workshop called “Chen Yongfa”, located in Laoheng In Chengduqiao, Yangxian County, at that time, a street was full of workshops making umbrellas. If there were a certain number of umbrellas, three or four or four or five companies would be invited to rent a shipping umbrella and sell it to Hankou. Since the reform and opening up, private oil paper umbrella factories have emerged, which also proves the market demand and the status of oil paper umbrella in people’s minds, especially in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign consumers.

Hunan Hengyun Arts and Crafts Co., LTD. Fan Rong master of oil paper umbrella industry is very confident. After the millennium, on the basis of the ancient processing method, nearly 200 kinds of wonderful new categories have been independently innovated, mainly including: sunflower, sunflower, purple grape, golden rooster dawn, neatly folded mushroom, etc. They are colorful, rich in meaning, in line with people’s cultural psychology, and very popular. In June 2014, more than 300 oiled paper umbrellas suspended from the ceiling of Hunan exhibition hall were also sold out at the “Shanghai Week” exhibition of Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage products in Shanghai, and large orders were signed. The ancient technique of oiled paper umbrellas was also shown on the News Network of Hunan TV and the People’s Time Column of Yiyang TV. In December 2014, Hengyang oil-paper umbrella participated in the “Hunan culture into Thailand” activities, the response is great.

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