How to prevent insects/mildew from paper umbrella

Always have a question for both buyers and sellers.

  •     Why does my umbrella sometimes get moldy when I don’t use it?
  •     I put the umbrella away, why is there a hole in the umbrella?
  •    Umbrella bone was moth-eaten into powder?

Today we will analyze this problem for you.

Why does Hengyun paper umbrella not get moldy or moth-eaten?


material difference

Compared with the raw materials of other manufacturers, Hengyun Paper Umbrella uses more than 10 years old Nanzhu (male Nanzhu) in the deep mountains in Hunan area;

why should it be more than 10 years old Nanzhu?

Because more than 10 years old Nanzhu, the flesh is thick, the toughness is good, it is not easy to deform, and the bamboo fiber is strong and durable.

Why use male nanzhu?

After our experiments and experience, we know that the male bamboo is a good material with low sugar content, thin skin and thick flesh.

Cutting time of raw material bamboo

The cutting time of Hengyun paper umbrella raw materials: after October

Why does the cutting time of bamboo also affect the quality of the umbrella?

Bamboo is at the peak of its growth in the spring. Bamboo is rich in various amino acids and sugars, which are the favorites of insects.

In winter, bamboo is in a slow winning period, and the amino acids and sugars in the bamboo will be consumed in large quantities. At this time, the probability of bamboo being bitten by insects will drop by 90%.

Bamboo insect-proof and mildew-proof treatment

After the bamboo is felled, we will saw the bamboo into a cylindrical shape and place it in a specific container to soak for a month, wait for all the sugar and moisture in the bamboo to be removed, and then take it out to dry, which will also greatly reduce the risk of the umbrella being eaten by insects.

How to prevent insectsmildew from paper umbrellas
How to prevent insectsmildew from paper umbrellas

vegetable dye treatment

All Hengyun paper umbrellas will do one of the most important steps: soak the umbrella stand with vegetable dyes. After the bamboo is split into umbrella ribs, we will place them in a container to soak for 10 days. The water in the container can soak the bamboo inside. All the gaps are filled, so that no matter how humid the air is, it will not cause the umbrella to become moldy; insects are afraid of the smell and naturally do not worry about the umbrella being bitten by insects

How to prevent insectsmildew from paper umbrellas
How to prevent insectsmildew from paper umbrellas


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