Wedding paper umbrella culture

Wedding paper umbrella culture

Wedding paper umbrella culture

Paper umbrella as a gift

Paper umbrellas are often given as gifts because they are cultural products



  1. rain protection
  2. sun shade
  3. dancing
  4. decoration
  5. photography
  • Because  paper umbrella has exist for thousands of years, and  is also our excellent traditional handicraft culture.
  • Not only paper umbrellas areauspicious, but also love by people all the time.

Wedding paper umbrella culture

Wedding paper umbrella as a carrier

Paper umbrellas always been indispensable in Chinese weddings

because paper umbrellas give a special meaning to the wedding

  • As holding a paper umbrella at a wedding is a traditional Chinese culture, so is accepted by modern couples.
  • Because paper umbrellas carry many stories.
  1. romance
  2. ancient
  3. It’s hard to forget
  • Because unique wedding decoration effect of paper umbrellas,So it is widely accept by couples.And continue to inherit and develop.


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Wedding paper umbrella culture

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