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Japanese umbrella production technology originally came from China, as a traditional Japanese folk paper umbrella, mainly paper, umbrella bone root number, umbrella surface curvature, the pattern is mainly plain or black; has: high-grade, lightweight, fashion, classical and so on characteristics

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Is it a real Japanese craft umbrella?

We are the only manufacturer in China who can produce Japanese oil paper umbrellas in the whole process, all using Japanese oil paper umbrella production techniques.

What is the difference between Japanese paper umbrellas and Chinese paper umbrellas?

Number of bones:Japanese paper umbrellas have more bones, Chinese paper umbrellas have less bones.

Umbrella size: Japanese paper umbrellas are generally larger in size, while Chinese paper umbrellas are smaller in size.

Production techniques: Japanese paper umbrellas are made with a single technique and few styles, while Chinese paper umbrellas are made with a variety of techniques and styles.

Umbrella structure: Japanese paper umbrella bone adopts clip groove process, Chinese paper umbrella adopts groove process.

Umbrella pattern: Japanese paper umbrellas generally use plain or more formal patterns, while Chinese paper umbrellas have colorful patterns.

User group: Japanese paper umbrellas are mostly used in more formal places, such as banquets, festivals, meetings, etc. Chinese paper umbrellas are widely spread among the people as a traditional rain gear.

Price Cost: Japanese paper umbrellas are expensive, Chinese paper umbrellas are suitable for every customer and have a large price range.

Umbrella shape:Japanese paper umbrellas are made of delicate, small and noble workmanship;Chinese oil paper umbrellas are mainly classical, durable and suitable in price, both the high-grade ancient imperial court paper umbrellas and the folk paper umbrellas used as rain gear.