Where did paper umbrellas originate?

Where did paper umbrellas originate?

Where did paper umbrellas originate?

Paper umbrellas originated in China, and umbrellas made of paper.

一. Origin of paper umbrellas

Wuyuan in Jiangxi,

 Yuhang in Zhejiang,

Hankou in Hubei,

Tengchong in Yunnan,

 Luzhou in Sichuan,

Where did paper umbrellas originate?


二. Complex work process

The paper umbrella is compose of three parts:

  • the pole

  • the bone

  • the surface of the umbrella

The shaft is the main core of the umbrella, and supports the weight of the umbrella.

The backbone is made up of a batch and a liner,

not only holds the umbrella open and back together, but also makes it easy to carry.

The top of the umbrella is the most important part of the umbrella,

and provides protection from the rain.

The surface of the umbrella is also decorate with beautiful patterns.

Although an paper umbrella has only three parts.

it takes at least 70 steps to make, and each step is both interrelate and independent.

Where did paper umbrellas originate?


三.  High quality raw materials

Paper umbrellas ,not only have very strict material requirements, but are also tested over a long period of time in practice.

It is determin on the basis of the full performance of the material.

The long bone is use to support the umbrella, while the short bone is use to support the long bone.

However, both the long and short bones have to be made very thin,so to ensure the aesthetic effect of the umbrella ,when it is close.

When making the long and short bones.

the bamboo must be grown at more than 800 meters above sea level.

not only that, it must also be grown in the sun. This is because the bamboo is so flexible, and guarantees the longevity of the umbrella.

Where did paper umbrellas originate?


四. Exquisite craftsmanship


In the traditional handmade process of paper umbrellas

there are strict quality standards for each process.

For example, in the production of umbrella bones.

both long and short bones:

  • specific length
  • quantity

 the length of long bones being 50 cm,  and short bones being 25 cm.

A standard paper umbrella requires 28 long and short bones.

The number of long bones should be increase or decrease.

the number should be change by 4 at a time.

not only that, but also by adjusting

  • the density
  • sparseness

to achieve a uniform force on the whole umbrella.

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