What is tung oil good for?

What is tung oil good for?

What is tung oil good for?

一. Introduction of tung oil

  • a natural and environmentally friendly rainproof coating.

  • a multifunctional coating that increases the life of paper umbrellas.

Tung oil is the oil press from the fruit of the tung tree.

The four major provinces in China:

  1. Sichuan
  2. Guizhou
  3. Hunan 
  4. Hubei

Among them, Sichuan’s tung oil ranks first in the country in terms of quality and production.

Tung oil has good gloss, and is mainly used as paint, but raw tung oil evaporates slowly.

Boiled tung oil

  • fast drying,

  • light weight,

  • good gloss

  • strong adhesion, 

  • waterproof,

  • anti-corrosion

  • moth-proof,

making it an important raw material for making paper umbrellas.

The oiling process is done entirely by hand.

with the artisan holding a soft cloth in his hand, and sticking it into the barrel of tung oil, gently applying the oil to the umbrella.

whether on top, in the middle or at the edge.


二. The principle of waterproof paper umbrella

The secret of the paper umbrella against rain lies in the use of tung oil

Not only increases the gloss and service life of the umbrella, but also provides a waterproof effect.

Because the main component of tung oil triglyceride, when tung oil meets the paper surface.

it will be absorb by the paper surface, and it will form a protective film on the surface of the umbrella.

which is what we call a waterproof coating.

not only looks transparent like a film, but also increases the toughness of the paper surface.

which is the secret of why tung paper umbrellas are rainproof!


三. Classification of tung oil

Not all tung oil can be used on paper umbrellas

The oil is divided into raw tung oil and cooked tung oil.

The cooked tung oil must be use to make paper umbrellas.

 the advantages:

  • high transparency,

  • easy drying,

  • fast volatility

  • easy handling.


At the same time, boiling tung oil has become an important technology in making paper umbrellas.

We need to heat the tung oil to above 250-260 degrees, and add the right amount of catalyst to accelerate the drying of tung oil.

the boiled tung oil is not only of good quality, but also of high transparency.


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