What materials are needed to make oil paper umbrellas

The value of craftsmanship in oil paper umbrellas

What materials are needed to make oil paper umbrellas

water bamboo

Water bamboo is tough, not easy to break, and mostly straight. Used as the umbrella pole, it can better improve the stability, beauty and comfort of the umbrella skeleton.

cunninghamia lanceolata

Fir is yellowish-white, soft, and feels good in the hand; its straight texture makes it more exquisite and beautiful after processing; it is highly resistant to decay and can be protected from insects and termites after being soaked in lime water. The umbrella handle is exposed for a long time and vulnerable to the natural environment, and the corrosion resistance of cedar can extend the life of the handle.

tung oil

Derived from the tung tree, tung oil has a transparent color and is a dry vegetable oil. It is mainly known for its excellent dryness, strong adsorption, light dosage and small specific gravity; it is mostly used for making oil paper, tarpaulin and painting wooden houses, etc. By forming a protective film on the surface, it enhances insect resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance. 。

colored cotton thread

Colorful threads are used to pierce the umbrella surface. A strong color contrast is used to increase recognition and reflect the layered nature of the threading pattern. Brightly colored threads are used in the threading process instead of depressingly heavy colors, such as black, to imply water leakage. The craftsmen weave the silk threads with a layer of blue silk threads in between to enhance the visual hierarchy. The umbrella bones are mainly interspersed with different colored threads to highlight the three-dimensional and layered sense of the whole structure.

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