The value of craftsmanship in oil paper umbrellas

The value of craftsmanship in oil paper umbrellas

The value of craftsmanship in oil paper umbrellas

Historical status of oil paper umbrellas

As a traditional rain gear in China, the paper umbrella has a history of several thousand years of production and production history, as China’s traditional folk handicrafts, it has a cultural and artistic charm that fascinates people. umbrella frame is made of high-grade bamboo strips to make, and surface is brushed with natural tung oil to make it smooth. As everyone knows ,paper umbrella has a long history and is one of the oldest umbrellas in Chinese history. paper umbrella not only represents the wisdom of our ancestors , but also represents the crystallization of the working people.

Romantic and ancient umbrella-making techniques

There are strict criteria for the materials and techniques used to make the  umbrellas.they are carefully selected. The bone  is the backbone of a person.It is usually made by hand from the finest bamboo wood material, sawing the bamboo, then planing the green, splitting, cutting the bone and drilling the holes, all these are,these are the basic production process.

Chinese culture under the paper umbrella

The umbrella is a relatively durable traditional rain gear that has slowly evolved over the long history of many characteristic Chinese cultures. bone is made of bamboo, which is a symbol of peace, making it a symbol of promotion and prosperity. The unique shape of the round umbrella symbolizes the reunion and also represents the happiness and satisfaction of life. The culture of paper umbrella is deeply reflected in our lives.  and the connotations it represents are colorful. In today’s environment, umbrellas are also used as decoration in various colors of colorful light lines, plus the umbrellas have rich pictures that reveal China’s diversified history. Therefore,  umbrellas have a decorative role in the more Chinese decorations. has a decorative role

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