What is the best type of parasol?

What is the best type of parasol?

What is the best type of parasol?

Chinese paper parasols is the best type of parasol

Because of

  • stylish aesthetics

  • water resistance 

  • shade.

If budget is a consideration, silk parasols are a better choice.


1. As an everyday umbrella use in ancient China

the paper parasol is not only use to protect from the wind and rain, but also the cotton paper on the surface of the umbrella does not melt.

when it is wet and does not deform.

Because the paper parasol is made of natural bamboo, it will not blow over even in high winds, so it can be use to protect from

  • the wind

  • rain even

    What is the best type of parasol?


 2. Paper parasol was use as a wedding dowry,

especially in the Hakka customary wedding including

  • gifts

  • dowry

but the paper parasol as an indispensable item in the bride’s dowry

and it also has the meaning of blessing

  • the early birth of a son
  • symbolizes the successful achievement of the couple.

    What is the best type of parasol?


3. Paper parasol is Culture

  • a great creation of the working people and their emotions,
  • perfect combination of science
  • practicality
  • art that carries the national culture and psychology.

It is a perfect combination

  • science, practicality
  • art.

It inherits the traditional handicraft skills

reflects the long historical value of folk culture with unique craftsmanship.

What is the best type of parasol?



4  Paper parasols have function

  • warding off evil spirits
  • keeping peace

Chinese folk believe tung oil

  •  ward off disasters
  • evil spirits,
  • protect against rain

If you have a red oil paper parasol

  • bring peace

In many places, it is customary to worship ancestral spirits with oil paper umbrellas.

What is the best type of parasol?


5  Paper parasol is China’s national intangible cultural heritage


  •  a handmade paper parasol 
  • a collection of endangered craftsmanship
  • literati calligraphy
  •  painting

Rich in Chinese cultural elements of the eegant shape, simple nostalgia, exquisite aesthetic, is an elegant work of art

What is the best type of parasol?


6  Paper parasols interpret classic love

  • In “The Legend of the White Snake”,

Xu Xian and the White Snake use a red umbrella as a token of love at the West Lake Bridge, and they share the same umbrella in the rain and wind.

  • Dai Wangshu’s “Rainy Lane”

depicts the beautiful and romantic scene of “ancient town + rainy lane + oil paper umbrella + beautiful woman”, and the paper parasol has long become a symbol of romantic classical love.

What is the best type of parasol?


7  Paper parasols are very fashionable decorations,

we can generally see traces of umbrellas

  • supermarkets
  • clothing stores
  • gift stores

not only can bring you a different decorative atmosphere, but also can make your space more cultural, because the paper umbrella itself is a cultural element.

What is the best type of parasol?


8  Paper umbrellas are environmentally friendly products

better for the environment and human health.

because modern umbrellas use chemical fibers, the good-looking appearance hides factors that are harmful to human health

1. Formaldehyde exceeds the standard
2. The fabric is not environmentally friendly
3. Color/color plastic exceeds the standard
4. Iron or steel umbrella frame is easy to hurt people
5. Plastic parts secondary recycling

If you don’t want to use it, you can give it to your children as toys, or indoor decorations, or give it to your friends!

What is the best type of parasol?

Paper parasol is the most suitable parasol,

if you have any questions,

please feel free to consult us,

HengYun for you


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