What are those Japanese paper umbrellas called?

What are those Japanese paper umbrellas called?

What are those Japanese paper umbrellas called?

Japanese paper umbrella is called wasaga.

paper umbrella which was hand down from Chinese Tang Dynasty to Japan, and it is innovat,  and improve on the basis of Chinese paper umbrella.

What are those Japanese paper umbrellas called?

一.Japanese paper umbrella classification


  • Kyoto Paper Umbrellas

Paper umbrellas in Kyoto are called Kyowa umbrellas ,and are made entirely by hand.

The colors and patterns are very Japanese, and the materials use are very careful.

Not only with the handle and bones made of bamboo from Kameoka,but also the surface made of Mino paper from Ota, Gifu Prefecture. And top with sesame oil and tied with thin thread.

 In general, the umbrella maker can produce ten umbrellas in two months.

There is a type of umbrella with a white circle on the top call a “snake’s eye umbrella” (蛇の目伞).


  • Gifu Paper Umbrellas

Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, produces oil paper umbrellas, and their history begins around 1750.

Gifu’s paper umbrellas go through more than 100 processes.

At its peak in the Showa period, it produced 15 million umbrellas a year, and now it produces tens of thousands a year.


  • Yodoe paper umbrellas

 Yodoe paper umbrellas originat in Kurayoshiya in 1821, the fourth year of the Bunsei era.

During the Meiji period, the production of Yodoe paper umbrellas was only 1,000.

However, Yodoe’s bamboo was of excellent quality and easy to obtain.

In the Taisho era, there were 71 paper umbrella manufacturers, producing about 170,000 umbrellas a year, and Yodoe’s paper umbrellas were use extensively throughout Western Japan.


  • Japanese paper umbrella color selection

In addition to their practical value, paper umbrellas are also use in Japanese culture in many ways.

such as in geisha, traditional dances, tea ceremonies and in everyday life.

However, the old paper umbrella store in Gion, Kyoto, classifies the identity of the purchaser and the choice of colors.

Maiko take pink, geisha take purple, and middle-aged people prefer soft green or bright red.

Men and old people tend to choose dark blue, and singers and dancers tend to go black or teal. “

Different colors of umbrellas also have different symbols and meanings.

in traditional weddings, the bride coming out of the bridal chamber is usually cover by red oil paper umbrella,

while the purple umbrella symbolizes longevity, and the white umbrella is used for funerals ……

What are those Japanese paper umbrellas called?

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