The use of paper parasol in ancient town decoration

The use of paper parasol in ancient town decoration

Paper parasol culture combined with ancient town design

Landscape design of the old paper umbrella town:

  • landscape Art
  • engineering technology

effective application to the design process.

various kinds of paper umbrellas are hung on the top and carefully decorate to form a colorful top view.

“Holding a paper umbrella, wandering alone in a long alley in the rain”
Walking around the old town, you can imagine yourself in Dai Wangshu’s writing.

display of paper umbrella making process:

  • understand the process of making umbrellas
  • experience the cultural charm of paper umbrellas

Pure handmade fully demonstrates paper umbrella making

  • representative of ancient Chinese paper umbrella making
  • integrating the paper umbrella element

the artistic atmosphere creat based on

  • bamboo material
  • tung oil

fully express the concept of harmony and unity between man and nature.

The application of paper umbrella cultural elements in the landscape design of the ancient town

Realizes the realm of the ancient town full of cultural meaning and connotation,

which is more conducive to the creation of local characteristics and culture.

Paper parasols show regional characteristics

As a symbol of water town,

paper parasol culture is a local landmark industry.

The landscape design of the ancient town fully explores the cultural connotation 

  • a new beauty of form
  • connotation in the landscape design,

 presented in a direct way, but also deeply roots the local paper parasol culture into the landscape.

the paper parasol element is comprehensively combined with the scenery, finally forming a touching visual beauty picture;

it is necessary to accelerate the improvement:

  • paper parasol skills
  • publicity

so that the traditional culture of paper parasol craft can be better known to people.

Paper parasols show regional characteristics

Paper parasol elements coexist with other elements

paper parasols combine various elements to enrich the cultural connotation of the ancient town, yet with unity.

Residents of ancient towns are very tolerant of paper parasols

use the fruits of modernization to improve

  • living environment 
  • production conditions.

Therefore, from the perspective of urban construction and tourism,

the planning and design of parasols is not entirely based on the style of the ancient town, but rather on finding a meeting point among various cultural elements.

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Paper parasol elements coexist with other elements

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