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HengYun is the only large paper umbrella manufacturer in China with 30+ years of professional production experience.

The paper umbrella is one of the traditional Han Chinese items and has been used for 3000+ years. The umbrella is made of hand-cut bamboo strips for the frame and natural waterproof tung oil-painted cotton paper for the surface. The oil paper umbrella is the world’s earliest umbrella, made purely by hand, all made from natural materials, and is the result of the wisdom of the ancient Chinese.

Our paper umbrella advantage: 50g cotton paper, 30+ years of production process, free rework service, affordable price.

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What kind of paper is used for paper umbrellas?

We use 60g, high tenacity, high density cotton paper.

What kind of paper is used for paper umbrellas

Paper umbrella can be customized logo?

We can customize the logo according to the buyer's requirements.

Paper umbrella can be customized logo

How to prevent mold and insects on paper umbrellas?

1.prevent paper umbrellas from getting moldy: place the umbrellas in a dry, ventilated place, away from moisture and the ground; put a small bag of desiccant inside each umbrella.

prevent mold

2.Prevent paper umbrellas from being moth-eaten: Our raw material - bamboo is all cut after August, there is very little sugar and insect eggs in the bamboo, not only that, we also soak the bamboo in water to do insect prevention and harmless treatment.


Prevent paper umbrellas from being moth eaten

Can paper umbrellas protect against rain?

Paper umbrella umbrella surface brush tung oil is completely rainproof, but the umbrella surface brush oil will have an odor (non-toxic and harmless).

Can paper umbrellas protect against rain

How is the after-sales service of your factory products?

 Our products guarantee quality

1.Resend Product Service: If buyers receive our products with quality problems, we support unconditional re-sending service.

2.Factory return service: If our products are damaged after sale or use, we provide free repair services for customers to return to the factory.

3.Replacement Parts Service: Buy our products, we will provide the same type of umbrella accessories for free; Or buyers ask us to provide accessories for other types of umbrellas to facilitate buyers to repair themselves and reduce costs.

What is the minimum wholesale quantity?

We support 1 piece wholesale or instead of buyers shipping, welcome buyers friends to buy our products.

How to buy our products?

We support bank transfer and Alibaba platform payment.

How to buy our products