The origin of Chinese oil-paper umbrella

China is the first country in the world to produce and use an oil paper umbrella, originated from the legend of Lu Ban’s umbrella.

long ago people did not have an umbrella, travel is very inconvenient, the summer sun burning skin pain. Wet from the rain, the young Lu Ban was a carpenter, clever and capable of both building houses and bridges.At this time, an enthusiastic neighbor asked him, can you find a way to make our travel convenient? Lu Ban got creative, and together with a few carpenters he built a pavilion on the side of the road, with a pointed roof and pillars on all four sides. Then they made a pavilion every other way, and made many pavilions. So the people walking more convenient, rainy days people can shelter from the rain, sunny people can shade, but over time the root of the problem is still not resolved.If there were no pavilions on the far side of the road, it would still get wet on a rainy day, when a child passed by, his head covered with a lotus leaf, Lu Ban asked him: what do you put the Lotus Leaf on his head? The child replied, keep out the Sun. Now Lu Ban knew he could make a portable object that would keep out the rain on rainy days and the sun on Sunny ones.Lu Ban immediately went home and took a lotus leaf from the Lotus pond outside his home and made the world’s first umbrella out of bamboo leaf, making it easier for neighbors near Lu Ban to travel and bringing Lu Ban’s umbrella to other parts of the country.

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