Several advantages of paper umbrella manufacturers

Hunan Hengyun Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is restructured from Hengyang Rongxin Paper Umbrella Factory. It is a Hunan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage List Enterprise. It produces 200,000 paper umbrellas annually, with an annual sales of 6 million yuan and 30 employees. , including 3 city-level art masters, the advantages of working with us are as follows



Price advantage

We are the only industrial and trade enterprise in China that integrates production and sales. Compared with traditional foreign trade companies, we directly connect with customers and sell at factory prices, saving the profits of third-party companies and striving for the market competitiveness of buyers.


Style advantage

Our company pays attention to the improvement of production and research and development capabilities, and strengthens friendly cooperation with large universities. The company’s annual research and development expenditure: 1 million, existing research and development personnel: 5 people, 2 laboratories, and 10 intellectual property rights. Update, can meet the needs of different age groups, better service buyers to expand the market


Quality advantage

Quality is our life, we have 20 professional craftsmen, work experience: more than 20 years, skilled craftsmanship is reflected in every umbrella; not only that, our factory area is fully covered by video surveillance, and each process has special hostages Inspection to ensure that each umbrella is of good quality


Production time advantage

With our cooperation, we can compress the production time of the order, work overtime to complete each customer’s order, and ensure that the umbrella is delivered to every buyer under the premise of ensuring the quality in the fastest time.


Professional advantage

We have been professionally making umbrellas for 20 years, and we support all kinds of custom-made paper umbrella products of different styles/sizes. We can respond to customers’ custom orders as soon as possible, increase customers’ market competitiveness, and meet the needs of personalized buyers.


If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us, we will serve you wholeheartedly

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