The Chinese umbrella in folklore Symbolic meaning in the event

Wedding oil paper-umbrella

Paper umbrella – the subtle beauty of the Chinese people

Chinese umbrellas are aesthetically valuable in terms of material selection, use, drawing and decoration, and the umbrella itself is a reflection of the subtle beauty of the Chinese character. When the umbrella is given as a gift, it expresses the desire to survive the wind and rain; when the umbrella is put in the daughter’s box as a dowry, it expresses the blessing of having many children and spreading the leaves; when the umbrella is carried by the candidates for the examination, it expresses the strong desire to achieve success in the golden ranking. Since ancient times, the Chinese have always been beautiful for its subtlety, which can be found everywhere in life, in thinking and in literature. The umbrella is often used as a symbol for different wishes and preferences, and is undoubtedly a common way for the Chinese to express their thoughts and feelings in a subtle and euphemistic way.

Paper umbrella - the subtle beauty of the Chinese people

Decorating the beauty of the female form

The aesthetic significance of the Chinese umbrella is not only to express subtle beauty, but also to have a certain decorative effect on the beauty of the female form. The traditional Chinese

the oil-paper umbrella and the West Lake silk umbrella, which represent the traditional Chinese umbrella-making process, are often used in conjunction with the gentle and beautiful image of Chinese women, and a beautiful craft umbrella has become a favorite craft for women. The beauty of the female body is highlighted by the beauty of a woman holding a silk umbrella and looking back at her.

Decorating the beauty of the female form

The mythical story of Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen

As for women and umbrellas, our Chinese aesthetic memories often point to Bai Suzhen, who lent an umbrella to her lover Xu Xian by the broken bridge at West Lake, or Dai or the girl wandering in the long rainy alley with an oil-paper umbrella in Wang Shu’s writing. Bai Suzhen loves Xu Xian in the mortal world, and an oil-paper umbrella becomes a matchmaker, making rain on the West Lake, borrowing and returning umbrellas, just as Qian Zhongshu said in his book that men and women fall in love from borrowing and returning books. A beautiful woman lends an umbrella, hidden love; a beautiful woman and umbrella, the beauty of the West Lake!

The girl in Rainy Lane, who is separated from Bai Suzhen for more than 300 years, has the sadness of lilacs on the oil paper umbrella, and it seems that we only ever see the girl holding the

the back of the girl holding the oil-paper umbrella. This is Dai Wangshu’s image of a woman in a trance, with the oil-paper umbrella in her hand half-hiding her sorrow. The mysterious and thought-provoking beauty of the umbrella is the backdrop of the traditional Chinese woman’s slender image and gentle and sorrowful temperament.

xuxian and baisuzhen paper umbrella

Paper umbrella and cheongsam match

Chinese umbrellas and female beauty are often reminiscent of Chinese women in cheongsam, with an oil paper or silk umbrella in their hands. As the national costume and dress of China, the cheongsam is a representative of our traditional Chinese dress. On the runway, the cheongsam is often paired with an umbrella or a fan. Both have the characteristics of

semi-coverage, the umbrella can not completely cover the person, and the high opening of the cheongsam also makes the woman’s beautiful body hidden. The combination of the two reflects the unique temperament of Chinese women who are gentle and subtle . Just like the wall in our ancient courtyard building, or the rockery set up at the entrance of the garden, the Chinese people’s pursuit of subtle and introverted beauty is reflected in between the cover and not completely cover.

China’s ability to inherit many ancient material forms of civilization is inseparable from the way people live and produce. Modern people need to nourish their hearts with the wisdom contained in the beauty of traditional material forms, to seek elegance, calmness and tranquility in the spiritual world, to reduce the pursuit of materialistic desires and addiction, and to savor the artisanal spirit emanating from every strand of this bamboo.

The Chinese umbrella in folklore Symbolic meaning in the event

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