National Intangible Cultural Heritage – Paper parasol

National Intangible Cultural Heritage - Paper parasol

National Intangible Cultural Heritage – Paper parasol

Culture is precious because it is steeped in history

the flood of history can also sweep culture away, for example, the intangible cultural heritage of oil paper umbrellas is in danger of being lost.

“Leaning alone at the window, looking around the corner at the stone alley, a long-lost oil paper umbrella, covering the low over the eaves of the light.” Many people are struck by the rhythm of the oil-paper umbrella when they first see it.

An oil paper umbrella carries half of Jiangnan, the poet sends his love, the villager sends his thoughts, the literati sends their affairs.

Although the oil paper umbrella is beautiful, it is still lacking in terms of practicality if it is promoted to the modern market.

In modern society, the oil paper umbrella inevitably becomes a memory, smoke willow painting bridge, broken bridge meeting, long pavilion send off …… are related to the unforgettable emotions. But what it holds, like that past time, seems to be tainted with some old colors, but in the hazy and deep dream, call people tender intestines.

However, even the most beautiful dream will have a time to wake up. 

For the oil paper umbrella, there is still a big problem that is not optimistic, the skill is good but is on the verge of being lost.

It requires not only the long-term persistence of the inheritor, but also passion and love for the art. In order to better pass on this skill, it is necessary to start with innovation and explore multiple art forms in order to develop more works.

I sincerely wish that the exquisite oil paper umbrellas will stand firm in the new era, and that our national cultural heritage will become more and more outstanding and have an open, beautiful and brilliant future!

National Intangible Cultural Heritage – Paper parasol

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