What is so special about oil-paper umbrella?

What is so special about oil-paper umbrella?

What is so special about oil-paper umbrella?


A traditional Chinese craft the oil paper umbrella, not only protects from the wind and rain, but is also very strong; it has been love and hande down to this day. before the invention of the current umbrella.


  • Unique material

The paper umbrellas are made of pure-natural bamboo.

The bamboo bones are not only natural and environmentally friendly, but also flexible and hard.

This contrasts and contrasts with the softness and lightness of paper. This is the expression of the ‘neutral’ beauty of Chinese aesthetics, and the unity of many opposing factors.

The ancient Chinese aesthetic of ‘neutral’ is based ,not only on emotion and perception, but also on holistic theoretical thinking.

for example, Zhuangzi’s statement that ‘there is great beauty in heaven and earth’, which is obtaine through holistic thinking and perception, not intuitive visual .

This beauty is gained through holistic thinking and perception, not through visual beauty, but through the inner perception of the great beauty of heaven and earth.


  • Graphic beauty

The paper umbrella motifs are not only diverse, but also have a popular character.

  1. In terms of colour, most of them are warm and bright, with strong contrasts, reflecting the collective aesthetic standards of traditional Chinese folklore.
  2. In terms of motifs, there are broadly speaking animals, plants, people, scenery, stories, words and so on.
  3. The patterns vary from one type of paper umbrella to another, and from one region to another.

Generally speaking, the patterns on oil paper umbrellas, which are more commonly used by folk, tend to be more auspicious and wealthy.

They are not only auspicious and rich, but also durable and durable as rain gear.


  • Wide range of uses

Decoration is the most important use of the oil paper umbrella.

People have incorporate the classical beauty of oil paper umbrellas

  • restaurants,
  • clothing shops,
  • craft shops,
  • parks
  • other public places,

which are not only stylish and beautiful, but also breathe a sense of classical beauty that makes people linger and get lost in them.

In the hustle and bustle.


  • A beautiful symbol

The paper umbrellas are a combination of aesthetic values in the choice of materials, and the use of materials, and the painting and the decoration.

The paper umbrella itself is the embodiment of the subtle beauty of the Chinese character.

  • When given as a gift, the paper umbrella expresses the longevity of friendship.
  • When the umbrella is given as a dowry in a daughter’s suitcase, it expresses the blessing of having many sons and a good fortune.
  • When the paper umbrellas are carrie by the students who take the examinations, and they express the strong wish to be successful in the examinations.

In life, in thinking and in literature, ambiguity is everywhere. The paper umbrella is often. It is a common way for the Chinese to express their thoughts and feelings in a subtle and euphemistic manner.

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