A few things you must know about paper parasols

A few things you must know about paper parasols
  • Problem 1: Mold and mildew

Why do parasols get moldy when left unused?

1, air humidity.
It is always known that there is moisture in the air.
When your parasol is place in a place without being used, not only the air inside the parasol is not circulated, but also the air is not easy to distribute.
Due to the difference in temperature between the morning and evening climate.the air inside the parasol will constantly change with the temperature.

When the temperature is low, the air becomes water vapor; when the temperature is high, the air becomes gas.
If the parasol is not open for a period of time, it will lead to mold.

A few things you must know about paper parasols



2, Material
The material of parasol is usually bamboo.
Since bamboo is rich in plant fiber, the bamboo itself is very rich in water.

If we do not steam all the moisture in the bamboo in time in the production, it will also lead to moldy parasol.

A few things you must know about paper parasols


  • Problem 2: Insect infestation

Why is my paper parasol infeste?

1, Material
The raw material of paper parasol is bamboo.
Bamboo is not only a plant rich in plant fiber, but also a food source for all kinds of insects.
Bamboo itself is a very popular food for all kinds of insects.

2, Insect Eggs
Some paper parasols have bugs even when kept seal?
This is because there are insect eggs inside the bamboo, we can’t see with our human eyes.
Bamboo will come into contact with all kinds of insects in its natural growth. Some insect eggs will be place directly inside the bamboo.the human eye is completely invisible.
Over time, the eggs will slowly develop into bugs.which will cause the paper parasol to become infeste.

A few things you must know about paper parasols


  • Problem 3: The paper parasol is bent when it is held up.

1, Material
Inferior raw materials use by some merchants.

  • the growth cycle of bamboo is not enough,
  • resulting in the lack of sufficient toughness and hardness of bamboo).

Due to the climate and temperature difference, couple with the bamboo itself hardness and toughness is not enough.

Resulting in the parasol bone thermal expansion and contraction, so that the overall coordination of the parasol bone and force proportionality is different.

2, lack of technology
The process of paper parasol is very difficult.

Little detail negligence will affect the beauty and service life of the parasol.
Due to the differences and lack of process technology, some businesses produce parasols in the drilling and assembly, the use of lupin technology is not in place.

Resulting in the overall force of the parasol is not proportional, the lack of aesthetic impact on quality.

A few things you must know about paper parasols


  • Problem 4: The parasol is difficult to open

1, Insufficient process technology

Each part of the parasol’s umbrella bone follows a strict Ruben technique.
In order to shorten the production time.

Some manufacturers do not do the smooth treatment and lubrication of the umbrella bone.

Resulting in the paper parasol is difficult to open.

A few things you must know about paper parasols

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