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HengYun as China’s leading oil paper umbrella industry and trade as one of the import and export enterprises,We can supply you  paper umbrellas in beautiful design based on good quality!

Contact us custom your own paper umbrella and get better factory price to save your cost  now!

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How to choose the right Japanese paper umbrella and Chinese paper umbrella?

Japanese style paper umbrellas are generally used in Japan and have obvious regional characteristics; Chinese style paper umbrellas are suitable for any region and country, with affordable prices and various styles, and are loved by people and exported to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Paper umbrellas support custom patterns and sizes?

Our paper umbrellas can be customized in any pattern and size, and we offer free consultation and advice throughout the process.

Is the paper umbrella durable?

Our paper umbrellas are made of more than 60 grams of cotton paper, all using Japanese paper umbrella production process, strong and durable umbrella.

Do you have experience in exporting products to Japan?

We have more than 20 customers in Japan, and we export paper umbrellas to Japan every year, so we have rich export experience.