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HengYun is a premier advertising umbrella manufacturer and supplier in China, We  can provide 100 styles of advertising umbrella for you to choose. We also can give the advertising solution to the customer who wants to order the advertising umbrellas.

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Support custom logo?

We support the printing of various logos on the umbrella.

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Can you provide umbrella design service?

We can provide design ideas and suggestions. Since each client's design is different, we generally recommend our clients to design by themselves, which can save time and cost.


Do you support free sample production for umbrellas?

Most of our products support free sample production, but postage costs need to be borne by the buyer.

How long does it take to make a sample?

Usually 3-5 days,Legal holidays are postponed.

How many custom umbrellas can be ordered?

Our manufacturer, there is no minimum quantity of custom umbrellas, but the more the quantity, the more the discount.