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HengYun is a premier OEM&ODM Umbrellas Wholesaler and Personalized Umbrellas Manufacturer in China, our umbrella factory provides a range of custom rain umbrellas like Oil paper umbrella, paper umbrella, bamboo parasol, party umbrella, decorative umbrella, gift umbrella, prop umbrella.  Has already made 1100+ custom umbrella projects! free design and sample support to help customers to boom business!

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Support OEM&ODM cooperation method?

We can provide OEM&ODM services for buyers, (sign a confidentiality agreement between both parties).

Can the buyer inspect the factory on site?

We are the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of paper umbrellas in China, and welcome customers to visit our factory.

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Is the quality of the product guaranteed?

We have a national certified ISO quality management system, visualize the entire production process, support buyers to watch the production process online to ensure product quality.

Paper parasol

How to ensure that the style and creativity of the product is not copied by others?

1.Our factory adopts closed production process throughout, refusing all outside personnel to enter.

2.Each part of the handicraft production we are separated to ensure that innovative designs are not copied by others.

3.Signing factory production confidentiality agreements and implementing factory responsibilities.


What services can we offer?

Product feasibility analysis: We have a professional product design and development team to analyze the feasibility of buyers' innovative products and reduce buyers' R&D costs.

Sample Production Service: We will make samples according to buyers' requirements, with low sample cost and short production lead time.