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As a Chinese craft umbrella, decoration is one of the most important roles of umbrellas. HengYun insists on the organic combination of paper umbrellas and decoration, innovating the umbrella surface pattern and optimizing the umbrella frame structure, so that the decorative role of paper umbrellas can penetrate into every corner of life.

Decorative umbrella advantage: Traditional classical, oriental aesthetics, beautiful price, quality assurance.

HengYun also provides custom decorative umbrellas service to support your business, directly from factory inexpensive prices to save your costs! contact us to get the free quote now!

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How to choose the right decorative umbrella?

     Our decorated umbrellas are divided into: paper decorated umbrellas and silk decorated umbrellas.

    paper decorated umbrellas: High cost, better decorative effect, strong sense of culture and art, more environmentally friendly.

    silk decorated umbrellas: Low cost, bright colors, high recycling rate, long service life, and many styles.

Decorative paper umbrella

How to choose the size of the decorative umbrella?

The general size of the decorative umbrella is: the umbrella open diameter 84cm, closed total length 55cm and the umbrella open diameter 56cm, closed total length 40cm.

Decorative umbrella light

How to install decorative umbrellas?

We have two common types of installations

hanging upside down: Umbrella open handle facing up, umbrella face down, we need to prepare the rope to tie the handle position, and then hang the umbrella upside down.

paper parasol

Upright: Open the umbrella, the umbrella head up, the handle down, we need to prepare a rope to tie the umbrella head position to fix it

paper parasol & umbrella


Support custom decorative umbrella patterns?

We support customizing any patterns and logos according to customer requirements

Decorative paper parasol