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HengYun is a factory specializing in the production of courtyard umbrellas

We mainly produce bamboo garden umbrellas and provides all types of bamboo courtyard umbrella, including: Outdoor patio umbrella, tea ceremony umbrella, decorative umbrella, etc.

Courtyard umbrella advantage: Sun and rain protection, sturdy and durable, classical, beautiful price.

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The difference between HengYun courtyard umbrella and other courtyard umbrella?

Heng Yun courtyard umbrella is all bamboo bone (no metal material), pure handmade, high craft value and artistic value, practical, decorative style classical more acceptable to people.

courtyard umbrella

courtyard umbrella


How long can this courtyard umbrella be used?

General condition 3 years or more.

courtyard paper umbrella

Courtyard umbrellas can be advertised or customized with a logo on the umbrella?

Our patio umbrellas support any custom patterns and logo.

courtyard paper umbrella

There are several kinds of umbrella material?

Our patio umbrellas are available in both paper and cloth

Pongee: It is a Chinese fabric that is easy to wash and long-lasting. It originated in China but has spread worldwide as it is used for several reasons, including its resistance to breakage and waterproof characteristics, which makes it an excellent material for umbrellas manufactured today.

Nylon: Nylon is a pervasive fabric for making umbrellas because it’s not penetrable by UV rays and water, dries quickly when exposed to water, and is lightweight. There are some downsides to nylon that make it less desirable than cotton or wool–it shrinks easily.

Paper: Paper surface is our most important and most common patio umbrella material, paper surface has good operability and toughness, paper umbrella is more durable and fashionable, has been loved by the people, is also the most used patio umbrella fabric

How to Choose the Best Size For Patio Umbrella?

When choosing a patio umbrella for your dining table, size and shape are critical in how much shade the umbrella will provide.

In general, you should pick one that extends to cover two feet on each side of your table or follows its rectangular shape if it is indeed shaped like this.

A simple rule of thumb when doing so would be covering 2′-4′ beyond either end from where people are seated at the tables.

However, some may prefer more coverage than others which could depend on their own preferences though.

We support the customization of any size of patio umbrella.

Patio umbrella size