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HengYun is a professional Advertising Umbrellas Wholesaler and Manufacturer

We provides all types of bamboo Advertising Umbrellas, including: Rainproof advertising umbrella, gift advertising umbrella, decorative advertising umbrella, etc.

Advertising umbrella advantage: HD printing, free design service, freesamples,Reasonable price.

Not only that,we also provides custom advertising umbrellas service to support your business, directly from factory inexpensive prices to save your costs! contact us to get the free quote now!

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Do you support customized logos?

We support custom logo, the more quantity, the lower the discount.

customized logos

What is the MOQ advertising umbrellas?

We are a manufacturer, different styles of umbrellas have different starting quantities, depending on which one you want, usually the more the quantity, the more beautiful the price!

How is the printing effect?

Our factory has a professional printing department, the machine uses German imports of Epson photo machine, printing high-definition, bright colors, with a long time without fading characteristics.


How to choose the cloth and paper umbrella for advertising?

The characteristics of silk umbrella: strong and durable cloth, low cost, simple maintenance, short production time, easy transportation,wide range of utility.

silk parasol

The characteristics of paper umbrellas:classical and high-grade, natural and environmentally friendly, recognized by the public, high artistic value and deep cultural heritage.

paper parasol

What services are available to buyers?

We provide the whole process of free consulting services and professional reference suggestions, from design to product production one-stop tracking service, so that you can always know the progress of the product.

What are the requirements of the design document?

Design document format requirements: JPG,AI,CDR, etc. Size requirements: round (the specific size depends on the size of your product).

paper umbrella

The production cycle of customized advertising umbrella?

We are a professional advertising umbrella manufacturing factory, 20,000 pieces per month, using 24 hours of full-time working hours, we will help you arrange production as soon as possible according to your order time.


paper umbrella factory

What are the common sizes of advertising umbrellas?

Commonly used two sizes:

umbrella open diameter 84 cm(33.07”), closed total length 55 cm(21.65”);

umbrella open diameter 56 cm(22.04”), closed total length 40 cm(15.74”);

 (the rest of the size customized)

the common sizes of advertising umbrellas


Details of paper and silk in parasols

Paper: High toughness cotton paper, more than 60g, rich in plant fiber.

What kind of paper is used for paper umbrellas

Silk: High density, 120D, PONGEE.

what kind of material is silk?

Do you provide free samples?

If it is our stock products, we provide samples 1pcs free of charge, logistics costs need to be borne by the buyer.