How to open a hand fan quickly?

How to open a hand fan quickly?

How to open a hand fan quickly?

Dear friends, want to open a folding fan quickly? Then learn these tips with me!


1, you need to prepare an intact hand fan.

How to open a hand fan quickly?

2, Check if the hand fan has been glued? Whether the fan bone joint is firm.

How to open a hand fan quickly?

You need to make sure that your folding fan is in perfect condition with no snags or sticking places.

Distinguish:between the front and back of the hand fan.


let’s start opening the hand fan quickly with your right hand.

1, hold your fan upright in your hand and place it in your tiger’s mouth (don’t press too hard, just hold it gently).

2, place your thumb at the top of the fan bone and your index finger near the bottom of the fan bone.

3, you only need to simultaneously thumb and forefinger to the opposite direction to open the folding fan (thumb to the right, forefinger to the left), with the help of the earth’s gravity, gently flick the wrist. so that the hand fan will quickly unfold in front of you!

Don’t forget, through repeated practice and familiarization, you will better understand the structure of the hand fan and the strength of the unfolding, so you will be able to open the folding fan faster.

When we turn on our hand fans, we should also consider our surroundings and the feelings of others. Please avoid making overly exaggerated movements on inappropriate occasions or in front of others! Let’s show the charm of hand fans in an elegant way!

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